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turn aroundI’m already about week behind- which is a bad sign- but I have time. I HAVE TIME. This is a turn around I did for Bill- but it’s a little stiff. I’m not actually that interested in staying on model. I want to make stuff rubbery and gestural as I see fit.


Some color experiments:

color options


Developing the engine:


Style frames to come!

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   I went off the grid for a little while to produce the animatic for my thesis. I usually never bring my animatics to this level- but Peter Chung and Jennifer Yuh Nelson have both infected my brain with the quality of their work and I spent an entire week in a chair drawing my thesis. Here it is in order:

And here it is ALL AT ONCE:

Boards-Contact Sheet-1_small

     It took forever, but it was totally worth it. I feel like I’ve already finished my thesis- now it’s just filling in the spaces. Two days ago I showed it to the faculty, got officially approved, and I start production in JUNE. Here’s one of my favorite stills:

_Clean Boards_5.9.13

AAAAAAAAND the slides I used to present my thesis to the review board:

review presentaiton

Another design for Bill:


Eventually I want to make it more simple and more gestural. I’m going to start animation tests and style frames on Monday. Right now I’m relaxing and collecting neck-wrinkle data:

neck study_small

LASTLY- I’m designing some stamps for my thesis. Don’t know why- I just like stamps:

stamps stamp3

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board note2_for blog

It’s happening

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Thesis Pitch Bible

2_Palmfarm & Jar

      Had to make a pitch-bible for my thesis. I’m not the best graphic designer and all the text kind of made the layout look like garbage, so I removed it for the purposes of the post. What you’re seeing here are some first-pass designs. I’ve got to push Bill so he’s easier to animate and hopefully a more stylish design. One that doesn’t look like Master Roshi. The title is tentative. There is actually a lot more work to be done.
I was getting some great feedback, and I thought my story was 100% done, but when I put my storyboards into an animatic it timed out to 8 and half minutes. Which is much too long if I want to produce any worthwhile animation. 2 minutes need to be shave, which is going to be rough. Plus I’m going to try and work in more scenes that will be exciting to animate.
     Like this:

     That is a beautifully animated little spot that Simon showed me yesterday. I downloaded it and was stepping through the frames last night because I was blown away by how much motion-blur they animated into the image. I also noticed that the individual drawings aren’t that great. It’s just the movement that’s phenomenal. Plus everything the story lends itself to animation.
     I’m a little worried that I have the opposite problems. My drawings might be solid, but they don’t move as well, and the stories I write don’t translate into stuff that’s easily animate-able. I’m sure I can make my thesis move well, but I just have to keep reminding myself of what’s possible in animation. There is a lot of learning to be done, and a lot of stuff to keep in mind at all times.
     Put this on top of an exciting potential job opportunity I’m not sure I can even talk about- and I’m almost seizing up from all the stuff I need to be juggling. But there are only 2 weeks left in the semester, so I have to crank it out.
     Woof- this blog needs more drawings and less venting.

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Free Space

nice texture

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