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Class Sketches 2.4.2013




Scan2 Scan3

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Self Portrait



This semester is turning out to be super drawing heavy. I really really like it.

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Prethesis thinking

Danger island is rendering as I type. In the meanwhile, Here are a handful of doodles of old people on the train and ideation for my thesis:








It feels really good to be on the creative side of production again.

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2012 Friendsgiving Mega-post

Took some days off that I couldn’t afford- but it was woooorth it. Friendsgiving in Santa Barbara with sweet sweet buddies.

There are a LOT of photos from that weekend. BUT- I’m just gonna try and post stuff that’s vaguely art related.

Goleta was beautiful. The ocean was always covered in a thick layer of fog- it was surreal. We saw it from the mountains and it completely obscured the water like a blanket.

We found this dead Pelican and I made a 3D model of it by taking pictures with my phone. WITH MY PHOOONE.

Make sure to press 3D view to check it out:

There was also an adorable cat that I sketched a few times:

And LASTLY – here is a low-poly displacement map I exported from maya. I bring this up because it sounds impressive, and also because I’m kind of interested in this weird medallion thing. I’ve gotta figure out why.

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more coloring and some homework


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