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It’s Katie’s birthday today! I was at her studio this weekend while she was working on a project, and I was staring at this pole all day. When everybody left the studio and everything quieted down, I was able to hear this really nice electrical buzzing and clicking coming from the thing:

Electric Transformer

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Looking at too much Aencre

Also trying out a wacom tablet

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Sketchbook Dump

This semester is going to be productive and rough. But I accomplished at least one thing I set out to do this summer, and got to a good place drawing-wise. Here some recent business. Personal doodles, and redrawing some James Harren and Aencre, and maybe some Mikkel Sommer? I dunno. I’m tired.

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Lizard Wizard

Character Design Exercise! I got a few other wizards, but they didn’t turn out as well:

What I REALLY need to do, is get to some animating. This guy’s lookin pretty stiff.

Next update’ll be wigglier.

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Supermonkey Color Study

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