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Drawing of the day

Here’s the best sketch I produced in figure drawing today. Took me about two hours to warm up – I was feeling real rusty. Then I found a square charcoal stick and started workin’ it.

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Marker Messaround

Some marker-ing I did last night. I’ve been eager to try out a set of warms grays that my parents got me for christmas. Verdict= IIIIIIIIIIIIIII like ‘em.

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A Lil’ Color

Some design-y, typographic doodles from the weekend-

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Weekend Pencil Tests

I’ve got a lot of little things rolling around in my head. We’re getting a lot of practice here, but the curriculum is moving so quickly that there isn’t a lot of time to retry assignments that I may not have gotten quite right. This weekend I made a point of getting a lot of drawing done and returning to some little assignments. Allow me to critique my work:
I wanted to push some squash and stretch basics with the lizard gallop. But the movement is unnatural and I think I could push it even more.

The fatman strut I did to focus on secondary animation, I wanted to see if I could make his gut jiggle. Surprisingly, this one was the only really successful test. When I was drawing the frames I was dubious.

Lastly is the chicken. I wanted to animate a snapping motion. I don’t really know what happened there. I know it’s a failure, but I like it.

Feels like things are piling up all of a sudden- but in a good way. I’ve got some work finally! I’m drawing in my off time! Checking out LA in my OFF OFF time! Trying to manage my class-load as efficiently as possible- and the other day we made potato leek soup! Everything is alllllllriiiiight

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Sketchbook Dump

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Just finished one of my tiny sketchpads- now that I’ve got a BLOG, there’s a place to dump my sketches! Here are some of the pages:

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