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I found this awesome slitscan javascript on BOOOOOOOM. AS a result, here are slitscan versions of Danger Island and Badbloom. Why watch either when you can look at the whole move at once!

Danger Island_slitscan

Badbloom’s credits look like an old nintendo level!

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BadBloom Animatic

Now that the finished product is done I thought it’d be fun to post the animatic I made months ago. I honestly feel like I ended up rendering a lot of the scenes how I imagined them. Which is rare for me. Feels gooooood.
Summer is here now, time to learn how to draw again, practice animating, lose weight and play Diablo 3.

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BadBloom, FL.

UPDATE: It turns out I can’t release the video yet! But I’m working on it.

I finished my production 1. I’ve never worked harder than I did to produce these 2 minutes of animation.
The people in the program are awesome. Now I have 14 days to relax.

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Scene 22- Swamp Diorama

Working my way through- scene by scene!

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Sound Mix Today

Got to get my final sound mixed today.  We only had two hours to do it, and there’s a finality to the process that is a little intimidating, but it was awesome being in that mixing room. ALSO- before they export the final mix, they initiate some process called ‘DESTRUCTIVE PUNCH’

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