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Man this takes a really long time. A REALLY LONG TIME.

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Colorin’ Colorin’ Colorin’

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Started coloring

I finished the credits last night and I’m now starting the final phase of production 1: coloring. I’m messing around with a few different techniques but I think it’s turning out nice:

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BadBloom, FL.

Finally thought up a title: BADBLOOM, FL. 

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      WELP. I made it with a day to spare. Just finished scanning my last scene frames.  Here are some frame trails from the scene were Knowles gets destroyed by 3 alligators:

About a minute of animation

    Scanning those concludes the main animation I had scheduled for my production 1. AGHH it’s just sinking in.  There is still some drawing to be done. I’ve got to fix some mistakes, redo a scene if I have time, and add some frames here and there, but huge portion of this project is finished. And finished on TIME!

Tomorrow I’m going to make a rough edit – throw some rough sound together and hopefully my composers can get to work. I think I may be officially in post-production now. It’s still going to be an insane amount of work since I don’t really have a smart way to color anything, but other than that I feel REALLY good. REALLY, really good.

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